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Polo is an ancient sport with its roots in Asia. The purpose was originally for cavalry soldiers to practice sword technique and horsemanship to excel in battle. 

Polo was considered a noble and chivalry sport, and as such its status rose as kings and emperors embraced the game and the lifestyle that it encompass. Polo is truly "the game of kings".

Today polo is played all over the world and the interest is again on the rise as more and more equestrians discover the excitement and thrill of a fast team play on the horseback. Not to forget the relaxed and friendly atmosphere after the games. 


Polo Umpire in Chukka | Domare Hästpolo | Falsterbo Polo Club


Polo rules are complex and spectators often get confused. We guide you through the basics and explain the logics of the game.

Polo Player in Chukka | Spelare Hästpolo | Falsterbo Polo Club


Polo is like playing hockey and chess on a horse traveling at 50 km/h. The speed, the sound of galopping hooves, the adrenaline pumping from the chase and the team spirit between humans and horses is all part of the thrill.

Polo Player Halfseat in Chukka | Stående Spelare Hästpolo | Falsterbo Polo Club


Things you need or need to know in the ultimate material sport.

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